Local software company Axienta has taken the leap to further expand its footprint into the African region. 

It recently signed a partnership agreement with TecnoZone IT Solutions, a software technology company operating in Malawi, which specialises in providing innovative Enterprise and Cloud based E-Learning and Social Learning Solutions, Retail Management Solutions and Support Services among many other services, and with the aim of collaborating the expertise of both organisations to support SME companies in the African region.

Axienta has been an innovator in the field of Sales Force Automation (SFA) for a large number of leading blue chip companies in Sri Lanka and has forged a leadership position in the market in supporting the SME sector with their VANTAGE Solution.

TecnoZone IT Solutions Managing Director Ruwan Kahawattage said: “Our partnership with Axienta reflects and demonstrates our commitment to adding continuous value to our customers through tailored technology solutions. The VANTAGE Solution we will be launching with Axienta will provide everything SMEs require to remain competitive by effortlessly optimising their sales processes and in keeping track of their KPI, anytime and anywhere.” 

Axienta Vice President Stefan Fernando said: “The partnership with TecnoZone will enable Axienta to tap into the African region, which is a lucrative market with immense opportunities. We aim to play an active role in supporting the African SMEs segment in their journey towards growth and hope to encourage and co-develop innovative solutions that will transform the SME industry across the African region through this collaboration.” 

Proven to increase efficiency, ease of use, inventory management and reporting and dashboards, both Axienta and TecnoZone intends to use their collective expertise to provide greater standardisation and visibility of operations for SMEs in the African region through VANTAGE. 

Having commenced their journey in offering their solutions in the global arena initially with Vietnam, and recently setting up an office in USA in 2019, Axienta hopes to once again establish a secured market share in this region, as they have done in the other countries they currently operate in. 

With Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) representing almost 90% of the businesses around the world according to the World Bank, which points out the significance of SMEs in the economy of the world, Axienta hopes to be a leading software innovator for SME companies around the world and play an integral role in supporting their growth and success.