Axienta Ltd. who became the first to launch a Sales Force Automation solution specifically designed for the requirements of the SME Market, recently signed a MoU with Standard Paints, who is a part of the Group of companies of Standard Construction Ltd. 

The solution branded as VANTAGE Lite gives SME’s an overview of sales performance by way of various metrics and helps run their sales processes more fluently. Giving better and timely visibility along with the market reach up to the last mile, VANTAGE Lite removes the pen and paperwork and allows SME companies to analyse and forecast the sales operation in a timely and productive manner.

Giving an insight into the solution implemented, Axienta Business Development Manager Uditha Siriwardena stated: “The biggest challenge for small businesses is growth. And by growth, I mean more customers and employees and definitely more revenue. And while being in the process of this growth the workflows and organisational processes need to be streamlined within the business. 

“This is where our solution VANTAGE Lite comes in. It helps track and visualise sales performance metrics through customer relationship profiles and distinguish prospects at every stage of the funnel while building a pipeline to help an SME’s client base grow with the business. 

“With VANTAGE Lite SME’s can speed up the sales processes and offer customers a personalised experience, manage contacts effectively and keep track of all related sales activities. As a small business you appreciate flexibility and scalability and VANTAGE Lite is designed to meet these needs.”

Speaking of their partnership and the benefits reaped, Standard Paints Director Waruna Arambage explained: “VANTAGE Lite is ideal for us as we were looking to customise our sales pipelines. The solution allows us to make use of a sales tracking solution that adds leads, collaborators and records all our sales deals and also offers real-time visual reporting. 

“Additionally, we can store contact lists and design campaigns as well as manage all sales activities. It has offered us customer experience solutions that are simple yet consistent and has helped us automate workflows and enjoy having the right intel for each customer interaction. It has turned out to be a great deal in terms of sales automation and has contributed towards helping us stay ahead of the game from our competitors.”

Giving complete transparency and control for SME’s over their purchasing, inventory, distribution, and sales, backed by insightful analytics to run operations based on real-time data, Axienta intends to play an integral role as a provider of game changing software solutions that will help propel SMEs to success over the next decade.