Sales Force Automation solution specialist Axienta Ltd. recently launched VANTAGE Lite, a solution that is specifically designed for the requirements of the SME market , which will help power the sales teams of SME businesses to be more efficient, better manage their sales, make more accurate forecasts and deliver sales in the speed and scalability that a fast-growing enterprise needs. 

The solution helps users to take an integrated approach towards managing their sales processes and provides access to information in real time across the functional areas of sales and marketing. The product is bundled with features such as master data management, sales geography, targets, route management system, inventory management, transaction management, customer and product classification, finance and user management, opportunities and reports generation module, sales funnel, proposal generator and targets and inventory reports. 

Building businesses together: Axienta Business Development Manager Uditha Siriwardena stated, “Every growing business inevitably deals with the pains of managing more sales personnel, documentation and overheads. As this growth occurs, it becomes harder to keep track of operations and personnel. As they reach this point, one of the biggest shifts businesses have to make is to examine their existing management tools and figure out how to automate them effectively and this is what we offer with the VANTAGE Lite. We pride ourselves on being able to support the customer from the initial installation right through to training and beyond. With a clear understanding of the needs of the SME market, VANTAGE Lite helps businesses, increase sales, improve customer retention and streamline business processes. The solution is totally affordable with no hardware or software cost that makes the system highly cost effective. It’s also extremely customizable, and easy to add-on features as you progress from beginner to more advanced.” More effective selling: The first SME to come on board to utilise the benefits of VANTAGE Lite was Victory Stores that has a sales team selling at multiple locations across the country. The solution implemented, provided each salesperson in the team with a unique ID, that they can log into and enabled them to create and print invoices, orders and other sales reports as well as communicate all sales-related information and view accumulated data on an easy-to-use dashboard for quick reference. 

It minimised manual and repetitive tasks and offered sales personnel the ability to operate more productively by eliminating the burden of executing multiple sales-oriented monotonous tasks. Besides automating the daily sales tasks, the solution also allowed to focus on implementing sales strategies, finding out new ways of selling, setting up meetings with potential clients, or calling prospective clients. 

VANTAGE Lite also came with an integrated analytics modules for processing the accumulated data so that sales personnel could evaluate data and infer tactical steps to make accurate sales forecasts and make informed business decisions. The application allowed to keep tabs on collections, returns, and outstanding payments. Overall it helped sales managers to identify business pain points, thereby enabling them to make results-driven long-term and short-term sales and marketing plans.

With the results reaped by Victory Stores as the first SME to go ‘Live’ with VANTAGE Lite, Uditha is confident that this solution will be the way forward for SME businesses to best utilise their sales teams and assist the management to interact with their sales force across multiple locations, supervise, manage, and monitor them and to drive sales effectively and efficiently for better ROI.

In the wake of this success, Axienta hopes to make the solution accessible to SMEs in all the main regions across the country and play a key role on helping the SME sector derive better sales and profits from their businesses.