Axienta's Vantage POS is a web based solution offering real time point of sales transaction processing with quick barcode integration and full touch screen support and comprehensive coverage of pre sales, inventory management and post sales operations. The solution centralizes customers, inventory and sales into a single cloud database and provides accurate real time information. The cloud ensures continuous access to the system from anywhere in the world and substantially benefits retailers with absolutely no investments for system hosting, installation and maintenance.


Location Independant

The solution designed to cater all types of business setups such as single location with single terminal, Single location with multiple terminals and multiple locations with single or multiple terminals.

Browser is your POS

The POS runs inside a web browser on a the platform of client’s choice. No server maintenance or daily backups. The only requirement is Internet access.

Take POS station anywhere

The web-based architecture frees from any geographic limitation. User can administrate store from home, sell your products at trade shows, check on the sales and inventory levels from any location.

Data Safety

The data in backed up on a daily basis. Clients don\\\'t have to worry about the hardware or software maintenance of the POS back office server.

Automatic Updates

The POS software runs the latest version all the time. Any new features or bug fixes are automatically applied.

VANTAGE POS product tour

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