VANTAGE Lite Sales Force Automation is a web based, real-time transaction processing solution that automates the redistribution activities of a SME. enabling actionable business insights to effectively manage sales and distribution operations. The solution employs best of breed mobile and web technologies to enable the best of functionalities and superior performance advantages


• Provides real-time access to product, brand and competitive field information to field sales personal.
• Superior technological design, real-time information transmission through mobile communication technologies.
• Robust backend that supports the mobile solution and enables wider range of information centric capabilities.
• The database design supports expansion (Add-Ons) and enhancements that help enable data storage and management; information delivery, reporting, analysis, and performance management.
• Comprehensive real-time sales performance metrics enables better monitoring of promotional activities and competitor activities.
• A mobile SFA solution empowers the sales force by automating the sales process at the point-of-sale.
• Repetitive data input elimination as data entered on the mobile device by the sales / field staff is immediately added to the database and reports or invoices are instantly created.
• Real-time connectivity from mobile application allows automatic update of central server (Head Office) enabling workflows and reporting to be carried out seamlessly.

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