Axienta officially launched its Big Data solutions that enable customers to more efficiently collect, process and analyse their data.

Axienta is already Sri Lanka’s most trusted field and sales force automation solution specialist and is now pleased to offer customers data analytics and visualisation, all aimed at simplifying Big Data for customers and driving business outcomes.

“These new solutions, launched  are important elements of our strategy of delivering more comprehensive solutions that are at ‘the edge’ of next generation computing and with which can help customers maximise the value and minimise the challenges faced by current in house Big Data analytics,” commented Axienta CEO Manju Fernando in his keynote opening address.

Extrapolating valuable insights from very large amounts of structured data from disparate sources in different formats require the proper structure and the proper tools. To obtain the maximum business impact, Axienta has partnered with leading edge technology giants Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tableau Software, to offer its customers cutting edge, best in class solutions.

“Given the ever-increasing role and importance of Big Data for contemporary organisations, I applaud Axienta for recognising this need and launching a solution in the Sri Lankan market,” Sunshine Healthcare Ltd. Executive Director Panjan Navaratnam said during the launch event.

With its broad portfolio of solutions, Axienta can create historical and predictive insights and unlock business outcomes. The solutions include HPE Vertica Analytics portfolio (software) and Tableau’s Desktop Virtualisation toolset.

Hemas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Managing Director Sanjeewa Samaranayake said at the event: “I am delighted that Axienta has launched their Big Data solution stack to market in Sri Lanka.”

Commenting on the role Axienta will play in Sri Lanka’s Big Data growth, Atlas Managing Director Nirmal Madanayake said: “In the 21st century, the role of internet of things plays a major role within my organisation.  This event helps me understand that the possibilities are available.”

Along with its solution offerings, Axienta also unveiled its comprehensive suite of services to bring together and support your data needs and visualisation efforts to help accelerate time to value for clients with Big Data initiatives.

Axienta specialises in the rapid development and deployment of mobile enterprise solutions. Its value proposition is to provide enterprise workers with empowering mobile solutions that enable more effective and efficient customer engagement whilst utilising the vast amounts of data to help them visualise and analyse near to real and historical data.